Ron Skrasek
no explanation necessary...Sockeye- Adidas shootNIKE - set design/build for Unfair Ind. shootrough rendering for Nike women'sNike -set design and build for women's training clubset buildNike women's training shootKamp Grizzly set design/build for Brooks Kamp Grizyou wanna piece a me?Nike 6.0that $#!% just blew my mindGreat Society - Brooks running shoeta'da.... "the druids...nobody knew who they were...or...where they came from"decemberists stage design for opbdec for OPBSockeye Films- Adidas shootsockeye-adidascustom art piece for Intel Asia shootIntel Asia shootNike RP Cameo!Nikethis guy smells baby fresh.Nike Women's training shoot- custom faux concrete floorsNike women'sNike stillsNike stillsNike- Danny don't know footballDanny don't knowNike w Danny Kass
2011 production stills